Franceschi Since 1830


The Best Cacao in the World, the Best Chocolate in the World

For over 188 years, Franceschi Chocolate has lived and breathed the culture of cacao. For six generations the Franceschi family has dedicated themselves with passion to preserving Venezuelan cacaos, upholding the firm principles of sustainability and continuous innovation. Their experience has translated into tradition, making them masters of the Art of Single Origin Dark Chocolate.



The varieties of Franceschi Chocolate takes us on a fascinating journey from Cacao Tree to Chocolate Bar. Thanks to a careful post-harvest processing, we can enjoy the authentic flavors and aromas from different regions of Venezuela. This enhances the unique characteristics of its origin and genetic quality.


Our Cacao Varieties

Criollo Origin cacaos, as well as Trinitario type have been recovered by Casa Franceschi, to guarantee their quality and its controlled genetics.

Franceschi Chocolate


Premium 70%

Franceschi Chocolate Premium Collection is elaborated with Venezuelan Criollo Origin cacao beans, at 70% of concentration.
These beans count for only 1% of the worldwide production.


Fine Collection 60%

Our Fine Collection of chocolate at 60% of concentration is elaborated with Venezuelan Trinitario cacao beans.

Chuao Chocolatier


Crafted with Joy

Chuao Chocolatier (pronounced chew-WOW)
Our intent is to share joy with the world through deliciously engaging chocolate experiences. Each decadent chocolate, crafted with our proprietary blend of ethically sourced cacao, offers a truly exquisite flavor profile. From sultry spice and salty sweet to comforting classics with a twist, they’re all created with your cravings in mind. As Chef Michael always says, “if it’s not a WOW, it’s not a CHEW-WOW.”

Free of that “other stuff”
We use recipes in a kitchen, not formulas in a lab, and believe that the best ingredients are found in nature or crafted with care. Our chocolate reflects a commitment to fresh food, free of artificial preservatives, additives, colorings and flavorings.

Ethically Sourced
Our ancestors instilled in us a respect for cacao and the people who grow it. Therefore, we partner with purveyors who share our interest in sustainable farming and ethical business practices.

We use European chocolate making techniques, crafting our confections with close attention to the quality of each small batch from start to finish.

We like to think outside the chocolate box, combining innovation and creativity to deliver confections with delicately balanced layers of flavors and textures.


Chuao Chocolatier Story

Chuao Chocolatier (pronounced chew-WOW) is the first Venezuelan Chocolatier based in the United States and Southern California’s premier artisan chocolatier.

Co-founded in 2002 by Master Chef Michael Antonorsi and his brother Richard, Chuao Chocolatier is on a mission to share joy with the world through deliciously engaging chocolate experiences.

The Venezuelan brothers, now San Diego residents, named the company Chuao Chocolatier after the legendary cacao-producing region of Chuao (pronounced chew-WOW) located in central Venezuela. The Antonorsi’s decision was a reflection of their commitment to both high quality and their Venezuelan family heritage. Chocolate is part of their roots; their ancestors ran a small family farm that was once an important part of the criollo cacao plantation industry.

Initially, the company started with a single boutique in Encinitas, CA featuring a one-of-a-kind confectionary menu of chocolate bars, bonbons, truffles and drinking chocolate. Their signature flavor was Spicy Maya, a modern twist on the Mayan’s ancient drinking chocolate recipe, infused with cinnamon, pasilla chile and cayenne pepper. The Spicy Maya flavor has since extended across all of Chuao’s product lines.

Creative flavor combinations are at the heart of Chuao Chocolatier’s decadent chocolate experience including: Firecracker, a chipotle caramel fudge truffle with popping candy, a hint of salt, and dark chocolate and Salted Chocolate Crunch, a dark chocolate bonbon filled with toasted Panko bread crumbs, olive oil ganache with a touch of sea salt.

"Creative flavor combinations are at the heart of Chuao Chocolatier’s decadent chocolate experience…"

Today, you can discover Chuao Chocolatier across the United States at fine specialty retailers including CVS, Target, Whole Foods Market, Cost Plus World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as fine restaurants & hotels including Omni Hotels and W Hotels nationwide.

72% Dark Chocolate with coconut sugar

clean quality superfood ingredients

the perfect healthy indu

Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

72% Dark Chocolate with coconut sugar

clean quality superfood ingredients

the perfect healthy indulgence to fuel your wandering spirit

pirucream Chocolate hazelnut filled wafer



Rolled Wafer Filled with Hazelnut and Chocolate

  • Delicious Authentic Taste of Chocolate
  • Quality, Tradition and Trust
  • Original Formula With Hazelnut Flavor
  • No Aditives
  • Same Manufacturer For Pirulin in Venezuela



Panna new latino food


The Best Latin Food, The Best Venezuelan Food

PANNA was born to create not only America's best cheese stick “Tequeños” and ham & cheese filled bread “Cachitos” but also exceptional Empanadas.
Today, PANNA is a vertically integrated organization , operating restaurants, a factory producing the best latin pastries for both PANNA and third-party partners plus, a distribution center.

Panna Venezuelan Products


Filled Bread "Cachitos"

-Ham & Cheese


-White Chesse


Cheese Sticks "Tequeños"

-Traditional Venezuelan Style White Cheese Sticks

-Traditional Venezuelan Style Guía & Cheese Sticks

-Mini Traditional Venezuelan Style White Cheese Sticks



-Traditional Venezuelan Style Ground Beef Empanadas

-Traditional Venezuelan Style Ground Chicken Empanadas

-Traditional Venezuelan Style Ground White Cheese Empanadas

Panna Colombian Products


Cheese Bread "Pandebonos"

-Traditional Colombian Cheese and Cassava Bread

Panna Argentinians Products



-Traditional Argentinian Style Beef Empanada

-Traditional Argentinian Style Chicken Empanada

-Traditional Argentinian Style Spinach Empanada

Sal de ibiza



SAL de IBIZA is a line of superb table salt products, all made of 100% sea-salt of the highest possible quality. SAL de IBIZA is harvested exclusively in the nature reserve “Parque Natural de Ses Salines d’Eivissa”. It contains no additives or preservatives, nor does it undergo any form of refinement other than slow drying under the sun and gentle grinding in ancient stone mills, enabling SAL de IBIZA to retain its more than 80 vital minerals and trace-elements. We simply add nothing nor take anything away because a pure and healthy sea-salt requires nothing but sun, sea, and an ocean breeze! Truly Cristal de la Vida!


Granito Mixes

- Granito con Chili – Sea Salt with Crushed Chili Peppers

- Granito Gomasio – Sea Salt with Roasted Sesame Seeds

- Smoky BBQ – Granito for the Grill …

- Granito con Hierbas – Sal marina con hierbas mediterráneas

- Granito goes Creole… piquant!

- Citronela y Jengibre – Granito with Lemongrass and Ginger

- Granito con Hibiscus – Sea Salt with Hibiscus Blossoms

- Pimienta verde y Limón – with Green Pepper and Lemon

- Granito con Flores – Sea Salt with Colourful Flower Petals


Granito Pur

The extraction of natural sea-salt on the island of Ibiza dates back to over 2,700 years ago. This marine salt, harvested within the nature reserve of the ancient Phoenician salt works, continues to be one of Mother Nature’s purest gifts. The symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship, plentiful sun and light winds, gives us this wholly-natural sea-salt – still replete with ocean zest.

SAL de IBIZA is exceptionally rich in vital minerals and trace elements. We simply add nothing nor take anything away because a pure and healthy sea-salt requires nothing but sea, sun and an ocean breeze – truly Cristal de la Vida!



- CHIPS – Salt & Vinegar (con Vinagre de Jerez al Moscatel)

- CHIPS – White Truffle

- Chips a la Flor de Sal

- Flowered Almonds

- Cajun Cashews

- Smoky BBQ Peanuts


Molino & Molinillo

SAL de IBIZA – Molino is only dried in the sun and then broken into smaller crystals. Use our Molinillo salt grinder at home to season perfectly with this unusually mild and delicious salt.

Like all other SAL de IBIZA products, our Molino sea-salt contains no bleaching or pouring agents, nor any other additives whatsoever. It is exceptionally rich in vital natural minerals and trace elements, such as magnesium, fluoride, selenium and iodine. Besides careful harvesting and gentle processing, another contributing factor is the exceptionally good water quality in the nature reserve “Parc Natural de ses Salines d’Eivissa” where SAL de IBIZA is obtained.